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(„Before the Wall – After the Wall“)




The quartet „Before the Wall – After the Wall“ combines the musical powers of two generations: Legendary drummer Günter Baby Sommer and sax/reeds player Friedhelm Schönfeld, two of the most outstanding representatives of free improvised music during the GDR, meet two important young artists involved in the contemporary improvised jazz scene: piano player Julia Kadel and singer Walburga Walde.


Baby Sommer has been one of the most significant protagonists in the GDR Jazzmusic scene and is today regarded as „the“ world-class jazz musician from Dresden. This path was also paved by sax and reeds player Friedhelm Schönfeld, who asked Sommer to join his trio in 1966. Schönfeld studied clarinet, piano and composition in East Berlin from 1950 until 1958. From 1960 until 1970 he was lead alto and solo saxophonist with the Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Berlin. It was during this time that he developed his talents in composing and arranging. Friedhelm Schönfeld formed various jazz bands for different concert and production occasions. His „Friedhelm-Schönfeld-Trio“, founded with double bass player Klaus Koch and Baby Sommer in 1966, was influential for the development of GDR Jazz. During that time, Schönfeld was considered to be one of the best known jazz musicians of the GDR and was, among Joachim Kühn, Manfred Schulze and Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, one of the most important groundbreakers for the new jazz.


Julia Kadel's name has been spreading in the circles of music lovers and experts since 2014. Her current album „Julia Kadel Trio“ managed to earn her a record deal with the major label Universal Music, where she could publish her first trio albums at the legendary Blue Note jazz label. In 2015, Kadel was nominated for the German Echo Jazz in twice, both as instrumentalist as well as with her trio. Singer Walburga Walde is well known for various exciting projects on improvised music. She is one of the few onomatopoetic singers whose style does not sound rehearsed and artificial but natural and free.


When these four musicians come together, their stories and sounds from different eras and perspectives mix and combine. They meet speaking in and listening to each other's very individual musical languages.





Günter Baby Sommer (drums)
Friedhelm Schönfeld (saxophon/reeds)
Walburga Walde (vocal)
Julia Kadel (piano)



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